Gravity Rush 2: New Character And Places Revealed

The creators of Gravity Rush have recently posted more information detailing the newest installment Gravity Rush 2! Here’s the story so far given by Nick Accordino, Associate Project Manager at SCEA:

“Following the events of the original Gravity Rush, Kat and her friend Syd find themselves caught in a gravity anomaly and transported far away from the peaceful town of Hekseville and into the mining settlement of Banga.”

As they travel through the town, Kat and Syd meet a host of other characters, some loud and others quiet.

Banga itself is a quirky town filled with miners and their families who make their living collecting gravity ore from the floating reef below. Their leader, Lisa, is short-tempered and a realist. She always prioritizes the safety of the settlement.


There is Vogo, a merchant and head of “Sun Shipping”, his plans for Banga are highly nefarious. His bodyguard and close aide, Fi, is a quiet and cold man with a proficiency in martial arts.


They also meet up with a quiet herder named Cecie. She is Lisa’s adopted daughter and due to her mother’s strict teachings, runs away from home. Kat is asked to track her down.


The final character released is Misai, the top miner in Banga. He consistently goes into dangerous mining missions to prove his worth.


A new location known as “The Rift Plane” was also shown. It is described as a forbidden land with high quality ore. The developers tease that there is more to the land, but no additional information was given.

Gravity Rush 2 is planned to release on December 2nd for PS4. Preordering at the Playstation Store or participating retailers will grant you bonus content.

Source: Playstation Blog

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