Final Fantasy XV Possibly Delayed — Season Pass Details, Florence + The Machine Soundtrack Released



According to a report, it seems as if there are substantiated rumors that Final Fantasy XV will be delayed yet again for November 29th.  Promotional materials with the new date have arrived at some GameStop stores with instructions that they are not to be put up until after Sunday, August 14th.  An official announcement will be coming sooner rather than later.  This source has been correct many times before, through leaking the Star Wars Battlefront release date amongst many other Gamestop related leaks.

“FFXV is looking to have a shaky launch”

Surprisingly, Square Enix said that the Season Pass was going to include cut-content from the game in order to meet its September release date.  They also went into greater detail explaining what you can expect from the collection of DLC itself.

  1. Booster Pack – Freely obtain powerful weapons that will give you an edge and make battles more exciting.
  2. Episode Gladiolus – A completely original episode focused on Noctis’ companion Gladiolus. In this episode, you can control Gladiolus as a playable character.
  3. Holiday Pack – Freely obtain a wonderful item pack that will make the game even flashier.
  4. Episode Ignis – A completely original episode focused on Noctis’ companion Ignis. In this episode, you can control Ignis as a playable character.
  5. Episode Prompto – A completely original episode focused on Noctis’ companion Prompto. In this episode, you can control Prompto as a playable character.
  6. Expansion Pack – An expansion pack that lets you play a completely new Final Fantasy XV.


Last, but certainly not least–the small album of Florence + The Machine has sprouted up on iTunes.  It contains three songs that are included in Final Fantasy XV and you can order them here.  You can also see the latest Final Fantasy XV trailer showcasing the music and creatures in the game as well.

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