Dead Space Art Director Joins Crystal Dynamics As Tomb Raider Game Director

Developer Crystal Dynamics has announced a new game director for the critically acclaimed action adventure franchise, Tomb Raider. Ian Milham, former Art Direct on the survival horror series Dead Space, has taken the prestigious role to continue the franchise’s success. Here are a few words Milham has to say about joining Crystal Dynamics:

“Adventure games have always been my first love,” said Milham. “When the opportunity came to join Crystal Dynamics, I had to jump on it. This is the home of Lara Croft, who is a legend in action-adventure gaming and a pillar of the industry. I’ve admired Crystal’s work for a while now, as they continue to deliver top notch narrative and spectacle, coupled with deep systems and player choice. I’m very excited about where the studio is headed and I’m eager to be a part of it.”

Since the franchise’s reinvigoration in 2013, the Tomb Raider franchise has been lauded garnering exceptional review scores by many news and media outlets. The latest release, Rise of the Tomb Raider, will finally be coming to PS4 to celebrate the franchises 20 years of success. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration will launch on October 11 exclusively for PS4.

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