Suda51 And Giorgio Moroder Headline New Astroboy Game

Coming from a teaser on a countdown website, a new Astroboy game titled Astroboy: Edge of Time is looking to be formally announced (if the countdown suggests) in 2 days.  Heralding composer Giorgio Morodor and artist Suda51, the game is most likely going to be a brawler in the same vein of Suda51’s previous works.  Other individuals heading the project include Hiroshi Matsuyama and Hiroya Oku.


This isn’t the first time Astroboy has headlined a game. The cult-classic Astroboy: Omega Factor for Gameboy Advance proved that the anime/manga’s narrative could be adapted to video games pretty well.

Astroboy tells the story of a scientist that loses his son in a tragic car accident. Coping with the grief, he makes a robot in his son’s image only to realize that it won’t fill the void that the death of his son left him with. Astro eventually moves past his programming, exhibiting human emotions and superior powers and skills. Astro dedicates himself to fighting crime in his city and sometimes even traveling through time.

More info can be found here.

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