The Assembly Coming Off The Line Later This Year

Developer nDreams announced that their VR game, The Assembly, will release later this year following the launch of PlayStation VR. George Kelion of nDreams tells us exactly what to expect from The Assembly:

The Assembly is an immersive, first-person interactive story in VR that asks the question: When does the end justify the means? It’s an experience with two sides to everything, where what’s right or wrong is never clear. Remember: Progress is never perfect…


The Assembly will be available on July 19 on PC for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for $29.99. The PlayStation VR version has yet to get a price or release date.

PlayStation VR will launch on October 13 worldwide. The Assembly will be one of many games to release within the headset’s launch window. More details about nDreams new game can be found here.

Source: PlayStation Blog, nDreams via PlayStation Lifestyle

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