System Shock Remastered Coming To PS4

more A few weeks back, Nightdive Studios initiated a Kickstarter for a reboot of the genre defying first person shooter, System Shock. Nightdive has now confirmed that the reboot will now be coming to PS4. Nightdive Studios will be “revamping” their team with talent that has worked on Planetside, Fallout: New Vegas, and the original System Shock.  

System Shock is a sci-fi first person shooter that has inspired a plethora of games since its release in 1994. Over twenty years later, it still inspires some of the greatest sci-fi games like BioShock.  Here is a description of the game by the System Shock reboot’s Project Designer, Jason Fader:

“Imagine you’re a hacker in the future. You’re trapped on a space station with a megalomaniacal AI bent on mankind’s destruction named SHODAN. You need to survive and defeat her, or mankind will be lost. No pressure, right? Oh, and you’ll be facing her monstrous constructs and warped mutations of humans along the way. Your tools are your wits, weapons you find, computer systems to hack, and corners you can hide in.”

Nightdive’s take on System Shock is expected to release on PS4 in Q1 2018.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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