Rollercoaster Dreams Thrills PlayStation VR Users In October

Another game has been added to the PlayStation VR launch lineup. The amusement park management game, Rollercoaster Dreams, will be riding onto PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on October 13.

Bimboosoft’s Rollercoaster Dreams will allow players to create and own their very own amusement park. Additionally, thrill seekers can visit player created amusement parks from around the world.


Hirofumi Hattori, President of Bimboosoft, explains why using PS VR is the optimal way to play the amusement park simulator:

“As you know, you can see objects in real 3D with PlayStation VR. But the visual element isn’t the only feature of PS VR that enhances a player’s immersion. PS VR also has awesome 3D virtual surround sound. When you wear headphones you can recognize the position of sounds. I thought it would be impossible to generate sound positions with headphones, but I was surprised to learn that we recognize sound position by differences in sound timing, not the sound wave direction. The virtual surround sound enhances the realistic sensation of the amusement parks in Rollercoaster Dreams.”

PlayStation VR is Sony’s attempt to enter the virtual reality realm. People who are interested in the new device can still try it out at participating retailers. PS VR officially releases on October 13.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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