Reus Coming To PS4 This Year

The god-sim Reus will be available on PS4 Q3 2016. Reus blends real time strategy and simulation game elements to allow players to take control of one of four giants to manipulate the nature of the planet they are in control of. Esther Kuijper, PR Manager at SOEDESCO Publishing, details the opening minutes of Reus:

You start out with the 30 minute mode called “Era,” in which you have to get your planet as evolved as possible within the time limit. While playing, you will unlock several developments and power-ups if you do well. With those, you will be able to evolve the world further and unlock longer “Era” modes (60 minutes and 120 minutes). If that sounds overwhelming, you can always try the beginner and freeplay modes. In the latter, you can play as long as you want, but you will not earn any developments. Perfect for stress-free playing and practice!


Reus was initially released on PC back in 2013 for PC. While it wasn’t received with tremendous praise (Metacritic score of 75), some larger outlets like Destructoid and GameSpot were enamored by the god simulator.

A specific date and price was not announced, but Kuijper assures us that more information will be unveiled in the coming months.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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