Offline Mode For Star Wars: Battlefront Out Next Week, Death Star Expansion Coming Soon

Starting July 21, players of Star Wars: Battlefront will have the option to play two Skirmish modes (Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron) offline. These modes can be played on any given difficulty level against bots or with friends via co-op split screen. The new offline mode will be free for all users.

In September, Season Pass holders will also receive the third piece of DLC. Star Wars: Battlefront Death Star will include new maps, weapons, star cards and two new characters. The Lead Designer of the game, Dennis Brannvall, teases one of the mysterious characters stating it’s “one larger-than-life character we know you’ve been patiently waiting for”.

The latest edition of Star Wars Battlefront was released back in November of last year. Two DLC packs have been released since then showcasing locations and characters related to Bespin and the Outer Rim. A specific release date for the third pack has not been revealed.

Source: EA Games

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