No Man’s Sky Install Will Only Be 6GB

No Man’s Sky launches next month and is going to be one of the biggest games ever made. With this in mind, you would think that the install size for the game would be quite large. However, Sean Murray of Hello Games, announced on Twitter yesterday that the game will only take up a measly 6GB of space on your hard drive.

No Man’s Sky’s universe is randomly generated and doesn’t contain all 18 quintillion planets on the game’s disc, so it does make sense that the install would be smaller than you’d initially think. Still, it’s quite impressive of Hello Games to trim the install size down as much as they did. It’s even more impressive that according to Murray, the largest part of the install will be the game’s audio.

In a tweet soon after, Murray also mentioned that the team is currently working on the first update for No Man’s Sky. Whether or not this update comes out the day of the game’s launch remains to be seen.

With the game recently having gone gold, that means there’s no more delays in sight and we will finally be able to explore the universe of No Man’s Sky on August 9th. Be sure to keep checking back in on PlayStation Insider as we get closer to release.

Logan Moore
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