Nioh Beta Demo Slashes Its Way To PS4 In August, Loads Of New Screenshots Released

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s newest action game Nioh is getting a Beta demo on August 23 and end on September 6 via PlayStation Store.

The Beta demo will give players the opportunity to test the game’s “rewarding (yet dangerous)” gameplay. It will feature a new dojo stage as well as a unannounced stage that players can freely explore. New katana, spears, axes, and hammers will be available to fit the player’s gameplay style.

Nioh is developer Team Ninja’s latest action game that aims to test the player’s mettle through incredibly difficult combat. Success is granted to those who can learn the enemies’ tactics and use them as their weakness. Here is a brief description of the game’s premise:

Nioh follows the tale of William Adams as he travels to Japan and becomes a samurai. Players will discover a deep and enticing world that blends history and Japanese folklore. The tough gameplay pits players against daunting and overpowering creatures, and encourages them to learn their enemies’ tactics to gain the advantage in battle.”

Koei Tecmo has also release a ton of new screenshots to drool over. Check them out below:


Nioh is scheduled to launch in 2016 exclusively for PS4.

Source: PlayStation Blog,

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