New Chocobo Screenshots and Finalized Box-art Revealed For Final Fantasy XV

To say that Final Fantasy XV has been long in the making would be an understatement.  As most games that go through development hell, many fans took the lack-of-information as an inevitable sign that the game would never come out.  However, Square Enix surprised fans by revealing that Final Fantasy Versus XIII (XV’s original title) would finally be releasing under the name Final Fantasy XV


Now we are a little over 2 months away from the release of Final Fantasy XVand while some can’t believe that the game is finally releasing we’ve gotten more and more confirmation that the game will be going gold pretty soon.  This morning, the finalized box-art for the US release of the game was revealed.

US Box-Art

Square Enix, as with a lot of this game, put valiant effort in terms of riddling the box-art with details and polish.  Courtesy of an article from Playstation LifeStyleSquare Enix mentioned that “When discussing the box art on the Square Enix Blog, Square Enix America’s Mat Kishimoto revealed that it “started as a first time ever project where the package artwork was being created from scratch outside of the development team.” After Artist Yusaku Nakaaki, Art Director Yusuke Naora, Game Director Hajime Tabata, Kingsglaive Director Takeshi Nozue, and others got their eyes on it and made some suggestions though, “it ended up even more amazing.”


We at Playstation Insider are ecstatic towards the release of Final Fantasy XV, you can still pre-order the deluxe SteelBook edition  here which comes with the Feature Film Final Fantasy KingsGlaive which has been receiving positive critical reception in Japan.

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