Immortal Bosses And Characters Coming To Death’s Gambit

The latest trailer for Death’s Gambit showcases some of the boss battles you will encounter.


Some of the bosses and characters you meet throughout your adventure will be immortal. Immortal bosses and characters can be defeated, but will come back to life. It’s not required to defeat any of the bosses again, but better rewards may be bestowed upon you if you do. Figuring out if a character is immortal may affect the story.

Death’s Gambit is the latest RPG by developer White Rabbit. Game designer Jean Canellas gives us a brief synopsis of the game:

Death’s Gambit is a challenging action RPG where you fight your way through an alien medieval planet filled with beasts, knights, and horrors. As an agent of Death, you are bound to his service until you destroy the source of the immortals.

Death’s Gambit is still in development. It is set to release sometime in 2016.

Source: Playstation Blog

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