Headlander Lands On PS4 This Month

Adult Swim Games and Double Fine Productions’ newest action-adventure game Headlander will release for the PS4 on July 26.

In Headlander, players will play as a head in a space helmet that traverses the lifeless universe using rocket boosters. As the last organic lifeform, you are on a voyage to figure out who you are and what happened to the rest of humanity. Here is a brief synopsis from Chris Johnston of Adult Swim Games:

In the future, we all dream of waking up to a beautiful utopia of hoverboards, clean air, and flying cars. But the future’s rarely what we’ve idealized, and in Headlander, you wake up on a derelict spaceship to the stark news that you are the last organic life left in the known universe and Methuselah, the leader of the robot society that has supplanted humanity, wants you dead.


All the details about Headlander can be found here. Check out the newest trailer above spotlighting the game’s story.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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