Grandia III Stealthily Launched As A PS2 Classic After having both Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Grandia III leaked as PS2 classics via exophase, we were ecstatic to see that the game would possibly be coming in the coming weeks.  However, much to our surprise Grandia III seems to have released with zero advertisement from Square Enix just like Adventures of Mana did a few weeks ago.  Grandia III originally released in 2005 and was developed by Game Arts, it received fairy positive reviews and garnered a cult following.

go to site 8_SS_10_grandia3 Grandia III takes the adventure to the skies, putting you in the role of Yuki, a young man with dreams of flying his own plane. He soon comes into contact with a young girl named Alfina, a Communicator who can speak with the Guardians–giant beastlike gods who protect the citizens. As the world faces the greatest danger it has ever known, can a would-be pilot and an inexperienced Communicator save them all?


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