Emily Wants To Play Coming To PS4 Next Month

Survival horror game, Emily Wants To Play, is releasing digitally for the PlayStation 4 on August 9.


In Emily Wants To Play, players control a pizza delivery man who stumbles across a house haunted by a girl named Emily and her dolls. As you progress through the house, you will uncover secrets about Emily, her parents, and her peculiar haunted dolls. Founder and developer of SKH Apps, Shawn Hitchcock, said this about creating the survival horror game:

Working on the game itself was a frightening endeavor. Sometimes I would be all alone, working on it at night. I could imagine the characters coming to life on their own, tilting their head sideways and staring back at me through the monitor. It’s a scary thought, and it shouldn’t be able to happen. But, if I make a mistake in the programming, it actually can happen!

A few times during testing, a doll was supposed to move away from me, but instead, very unexpectedly, it would run straight at me. It was alarming, to say the least.

Emily Wants To Play is available now on Steam for $4.99. A price for the PS4 version has yet to be announced.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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