Destiny Update Out Today Following BEAVER Errors

Destiny Update launched today following reports from players receiving BEAVER error codes after Destiny Update 2.3.1 launched on Tuesday. The error caused problems with NAT settings.

Additionally, Bungie is working on a fix for some known issues regarding Nightfall missions. Here is what Bungie has to say about the issue:

Destiny Player Support is aware of reports that players are not receiving strike specific loot upon defeating the final boss of this week’s Nightfall Strike. Nightfall Post Game Carnage Report Rewards are NOT impacted by this issue, nor is the Vanguard Heroic Strike Playlist. We have forwarded reports to the appropriate party for investigation, and will provide updates when available.”

Update 2.3.1 was the last planned update for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Destiny. However, Bungie will provide support for the game in the event of any game breaking issues.

Source: Bungie via PlayStation Lifestyle

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