Countdown To Kerbal Space Program For PS4 Ends Next Week

The goofy rocket building simulator, Kerbal Space Program, is set to launch on July 12 for the PlayStation 4. Developer Squad’s CEO Ezequiel Ayarza gives a brief description about the game:

If you’re into space travel, flight simulators, or sandbox games, there’s no way you can miss this. Our physics-based space flight simulator is recognized for its realism and attention to detail, while keeping the gameplay experience fun and rewarding.

In KSP, we put you in charge of the recently launched space program for a fun and clever alien race — the Kerbals. These little guys are counting on you to build spaceships, rockets, and vehicles that can take off and hold on during fun space travel missions, without hurting them in the process…

You’ll have a collection of parts and tools to accomplish this, each one with unique functionalities that will affect your ship and its chances of taking off (or crashing).


Kerbal Space Program was initially released to the public as an alpha version back in 2011. Since then, it has received a plethora of updates leading to its official release last year. The rocket ship simulator has done exceptionally well with critics with a Metacritic score of 88 for the PC version.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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