Amazon Lists New PS4 to be Released in October

The Spanish wing of Amazon has recently added a product page for a new PlayStation 4 console to be released on October 13th leading to much speculation and discussion. We know that the PS Neo, also known as the PS4K, is currently in development but we don’t know when this upgraded PS4 is set to release. There has also been rumors of a slim model of the PS4 coming sometime soon, but Sony has yet to announce this.

The strangest part of this new product page is the date. October 13th is the release date of PlayStation VR so it would seem odd to launch a new console on top of the virtual reality headset, especially considering that Sony views PS VR as a new console in its own right. It’s doubtful that Sony would want to release two major pieces of new hardware on top of one another.

So what could this new listing mean? Well, there’s a decent chance that it’s just an error. It’s also possible that it could be a new bundle combining the PS VR headset with a standard PS4, but the $399.99 price point on the listing probably means that isn’t the case. If it is indeed a new console, it would make the most sense if it was the aforementioned PS4 Slim.

At this point, it’s all conjecture and we have no knowledge of what this listing could be. If anything changes or Sony does indeed announce a new console for release, we will be sure to update you.

Source: {PushSquare}

Logan Moore
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