AIPD Review (PS4) AIPD is a colorful dual stick shooter game that has simple gameplay. Left stick to move, Right stick to aim, R2 to shoot, L2 for a super weapon, and R3 to consume a pickup. The game has a classic arcade feel, with upbeat music, bright colors, four player multiplayer, and easy controls. The game offers 5 game modes, standard, tough transporters, hostile space, high-tech armada, and a design your own course. You get to pick between four difficulties, easy-blazing. I found myself playing on medium most of the time, and didn’t find it too easy.

go to link Before starting each game you get to choose your primary weapon and shield system. There’s six of each category. The game controls are simple enough but I found the game to be more challenging than I had expected. After each round you complete you have to choose 1 of 2 upgrades for the enemy, making each round progressively harder for yourself. On top of that, you’re introduced to newer enemies as you go on, and with no way to replenish your own health it becomes a game of dodging bullets, and not overheating your own weapon. Overheating your primary weapon will cause a slight delay and also damage to yourself.

It’s a satisfying feel to beat your high score or make it further than you have before, but the game essentially feels like a mindless shooter. I would’ve liked to see the course change at least a little, or the ability to upgrade and change your ship as you progress. All in all it’s a fun couch multiplayer game but can get repetitive on your own.

Ryan Joaquim
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