7 Days to Die Review (PS4)

buy dapoxetine online in india Do you like playing Minecraft? If your answer is no, then you might want to look for a different game. If you have answered anything else but no, then this game could be just for you.

http://cosmetic-jar.com/product/30ml-blue-acrylic-skin-cream-empty-jar/ 7 Days to Die is a game that requires a lot of time and patience. It requires that you spend hours upon hours in trying to survive and build. The trade-off for the open world sandbox is that it has no story, but honestly, I became addicted to playing this game.

buy provigil cheap online To start off, there are two types of game modes: Survival and Creative. Creative mode in 7 Days to Die is very similar to Minecraft. You have the option to place down materials and items that are typically in the game to create whatever you want. It’s really nice to have this option, considering that you can make some pretty awesome forts and buildings. I personally suggest trying this after you play a survival game though, just for the fact that you have a better understanding of how to build and place items. Survival is pretty straightforward as well; you are literally trying to survive this post-apocalyptic game. You can get hungry, thirsty, have a heat stroke, experience hypothermia, get a broken leg, bleed, have diarrhea, and much more. Considering the many variables, you can image how easy it is to die in this game. Honestly, I died practically every day the first time I played. It was actually frustrating, because you just have a simple tutorial of how to gather/craft stuff and then you’re sent out into the world. Then you realize as you play, this can get pretty complex.

The game’s title gives away a lot; every seven days a blood moon will appear and a crap load of zombies will appear to try and kill you. On top of this, the game will spawn more zombies as the days progress. If you are playing multiplayer, you can choose to team up with other players, or they can try and kill you to steal your items. You can choose to gather materials and attempt to build things from scratch, but sometimes it pays to try and kill zombies and explore abandoned houses and cities (you can find some pretty neat stuff and it saves you a lot of time in the game). Honestly, you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary deaths by exploring at the beginning of the game and keep your eye out for things already made. Supply drops also spawn as well, which can really help you in tight situations.

The graphics aren’t amazing by any means when you compare them to big title games like Bloodborne, Call of Duty 3, etc., but poor graphics doesn’t mean that it is a poor game. As you collect materials, they actually degrade or change. Keeping in mind, that this game still has a grid based system when you are placing stuff and mining, if you are digging a hole in dirt, the dirt will actually start to change and go down. Eventually, if all the health of the block of material goes away, the material itself will disappear. This effect, as simple as it may be, adds a realistic appearance to the game and the environment.

One nice thing that 7 Days to Die does is as you gather and mine stuff, it immediately is put in your inventory. On top of this, to make it somewhat realistic, they also have a time constraint when you are crafting materials. For example; if you are going to craft a bed roll, it’s going to take you a good 20 seconds just to craft one. Want 100 wood frames? Going to take you a good minute or two at least. Nothing is really instant (unless you consume items to help your stats.)

The multiplayer in this game is pretty decent. You can have up to 4 people on one map, but this is what at bothered me the most. Honestly, why couldn’t there be an option for 8 or 16? I have played this on PC as well and thoroughly enjoyed playing with more people. I feel that having a higher player cap adds to the survivability aspect and it is way more enjoyable with more people. Also, I feel that to truly enjoy this game, you need to play multiplayer. It’s hard enough in multiplayer trying to survive, but single player either became too challenging for me or I simply got bored. You also may get occasional crashes while playing the game. In a 3 hours sitting, my game crashed twice. Luckily, I didn’t really lose anything.

Overall, I believe this game is not worth the investment at this time. With the glitches and server crashes, it becomes a frustrating multiplayer experience, and single player feels quite lackluster.

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