11 Sci-Fi Games To Play Before No Man’s Sky Releases

The release of No Man’s Sky is imminent. Developer Hello Games’ infinitely open-world sci-fi exploration game (genres are getting pretty ridiculous) has gone gold and is set to release on August 8. That is less than one month away! As we patiently anticipate what is expected to be the biggest game this generation, the PlayStation Insider team collaborated to give you our favorite sci-fi games you can enjoy right now. From fast-paced shooters to visual novelizations, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

DOOM (2016) – Michael Ruiz


The newest iteration of ID Software’s hellish first-person shooter brings you back to the shooters of old. The fast-paced shooting and ultra-violent glory kills create one of the most enticing and entertaining games of the year. DOOM is a nostalgic look at first-person shooters, but not without new mechanics that spawn a truly unique take on the influential shooter.

Virtues Last Reward – Dan Thompson


Virtues Last Reward is a great sci-fi game; not only for its time-traveling mechanics but also for how much depth the game’s writers put into describing each and every scientific concept in the game. Whether it’s relating towards scientific ideologies such as “The Chinese Room” or the basic understanding of “Quantum Theories”, Virtues Last Reward not only gave us an incredibly mind-bending story, it made us well-versed in scientific concepts we never knew of beforehand.

Mass Effect Trilogy – Michael Ruiz


Sure, it may be a cop-out to include the entirety of the series, but it’s the only way to experience the greatness that is Mass Effect. The Mass Effect Trilogy was an innovation to game design. From its enticing characters to its gorgeous vistas, Mass Effect‘s world felt incredibly fleshed out and also malleable to your Sheperd’s choices. Every choice you make directly affects the story that culminates in a conclusion that feels immensely personal. The Mass Effect Trilogy is one of the greatest space operas in gaming history.

Star Wars Battlefront – Logan Moore


It wouldn’t be a real list without a Star Wars game now would it? When you think of science fiction, Star Wars is always one of the first franchises you associate with the genre. We decided to put the most recent Star Wars game on this list with Star Wars Battlefront. The locations are gorgeous and it’s a whole lot of fun to play with friends. While it may not be most people’s favorite Star Wars game, it does a fantastic job of making you feel like you’re in one of the films, and for that reason it makes our list.

Resistance Trilogy – Logan Moore


Taking place in an alternate timeline, the Resistance Trilogy tells the story of an alien race known as the Chimera invading Earth. What sets this story apart from other alien invasion stories is that the Chimera then begin to infect humans and turn them into Chimera themselves. In typical fashion of the game’s developer Insomniac, you use some unique guns to fight against the Chimera. Weapons range from a rifle that lets you shoot through walls, to a machine gun that allows you to tag enemies which causes every subsequent bullet fired from your gun to be a hit on the tagged enemy. With memorable characters, a great story across 3 games and some of the coolest guns ever seen in gaming, the Resistance Trilogy does some one-of-a-kind things for the genre.

Dead Space – Logan Moore


Sci-fi/horror is a very specific genre that is hard to get right, but Dead Space nails it. There’s nothing more frightening than being trapped on a spaceship with thousands of reanimated corpses trying to kill you. Dead Space is equal parts fun and creepy and does some awesome, new things in the sci-fi genre. The weapons in this game are original and almost all focus on slicing and dicing, which is a nice change of pace from other games that focus on pulling off precision headshots. The Alien films are definitely the benchmark for sci-fi/horror, but Dead Space is definitely right there next to it.

Metal Gear Solid – Michael Ruiz


Hideo Kojima’s sci-fi action game, Metal Gear Solid, is one of the most iconic video games in the media’s history. For its time, the game had incredibly deep storytelling and fun gameplay to boot. Not only were the events occurring around the characters interesting, but the character’s themselves were intriguing as well. This is the game that introduced the general public to the titular character, Solid Snake, and his journey to stop his twin brother, Liquid Snake. Even today, you will hardly find a story quite like this.

Michael Ruiz
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