Why Sony Continues To Win E3

click for more The past few years of E3 have all concluded with the same thing. Sony won. E3 2013 was no question. Microsoft completely dropped the ball and Nintendo just didn’t have enough concrete content to beat Sony. But Sony isn’t winning just because everyone else is losing, Microsoft had a phenomenal conference this year. So what gave Sony that 1Up?

http://paperbookintensive.org/2016-course-catalog/robert-walp/feed/ 1. Sony isn’t just there to announce news, They’re putting on a show. They opened their show this year with the Bear McCreary orchestra, leading right into the reveal of a new God of War game. They built suspense, held suspense, and shocked the crowd with their first reveal. We can’t credit Hideo Kojima’s presence alone to them having an upper hand, but we can credit his introduction. They rolled him out like a rock star coming on stage, the whole crowd was going insane.

cheap Lyrica 150mg 2.They aren’t flooding us with information we don’t care about. They know what we are there for and that’s what they’re giving us. It’s basically : “This is what we’re doing right now. We’re making this, you can get it at this time, what do you think?” They left us with very little questions whereas Microsoft has games MIA and Nintendo still won’t talk to us about the NX. Thanks Sony.

3. CONTENT. The whole show was game after game. Reveal, Trailer, Reveal. They kept all the speeches and descriptions short enough to consistently show us content that we didn’t even know we wanted to see, like that new Spider Man game. They threw in the VR stuff but balanced it out enough for people that may not be interested, whereas some shows felt like they were forcing VR on us.

Sony kept things at an exciting pace. they continued to build suspense and surprise us the whole time, and they left us with an amazing list of games to look forward to.

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