Top 10 Most Anticipated PS4 Games After E3 2016

There is no denying that Sony had an exceptional showing last weekend at E3. Now that we have plenty of games to look forward to for the next year or so, let’s talk about the top 10 most anticipated games for the PS4.

10. Crash Bandicoot Remasters

Crash is back! While nothing was shown for the beloved bandicoot, we now have confirmation that Sony is bringing Crash Bandicoot back home. In the meantime, PlayStation owners will be able to hop, skip, and smash crates as Crash in the latest Skylanders game, Skylanders: Imaginators!

9. The Last Guardian

It’s finally happening! After being in development for almost 10 years, The Last Guardian will be available on October 25th. It’s not only one of the most anticipated games of this generation, but of last generation as well.

8. Persona 5

The Persona franchise is one that has won the hearts of many JRPG fans. While there have been plenty of spin offs from the franchise, the last numbered edition was Persona 4 which released back in 2008. Although Persona 5 is delayed in the U.S., we now have a confirmed release date of February 14th, 2017!

7. Days Gone

Bend Studio’s newest game, Days Gone, looks like a technical marvel. Seen in the latest gameplay trailer, hundreds of freakers (Days Gone’s version of zombies) pour out of a train cart like water out of a faucet. As you run away from the horde, you are constantly in search of environmental hazards to help you push the freakers back. Days Gone seems intense, frantic, and incredibly fun to play. It was an impressive trailer to close out Sony’s E3 press conference.

6. Spider-Man

Spider-Man was one of the more surprising reveals from Sony’s press conference. Insomniac Games is bringing the webslinger exclusively to PS4 in what appears to be an open world Spider-Man game. With Insomniac’s reputation for unique weaponry, it has us wondering what cool gadgets will Peter Parker have in his arsenal. Different suits perhaps? We will have to wait and see.

5. Detroit: Become Human

If Blade Runner and Robocop had a baby, it would be this game. Detroit: Become Human is the latest storytelling experience by Quantic Dream. Not much is known about the game, except that it’s about androids and their place in human society. Gameplay was shown at E3 this year and it exactly what you would expect from the Heavy Rain developer.

4. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

It seems that Capcom has been listening to their fans. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a return to form for the franchise. If the Playstation Plus exclusive demo is any indication of how this game will play, then fans will be pleased. If that isn’t good enough, it will also be playable on Playstation VR!

3. Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima is back! Death Stranding will be the newest Kojima Productions game and will feature Norman Reedus as the game’s protagonist. The trailer makes absolutely no sense, but what else do you expect from the mind behind Metal Gear? It’s just great to see that he’s working on something new.

2. God Of War

The rumors were true. Kratos will return in Sony Santa Monica’s latest rendition of God of War. Just from the gameplay trailer, you can tell they are going with a different approach for the beloved franchise. From its new combat system to its seemingly open map, God of War looks like it will be an incredible experience.

1. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerilla Games sure knows how to make up for a delay. The latest gameplay trailer showed just how incredible Horizon: Zero Dawn will be. If done correctly, this could be Sony’s next big IP. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint when it releases on February 28 , 2017.

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