The Last Guardian Has A Gorgeous Collector’s Edition. buy Pregabalin india You can order the collector’s edition here.

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I’ve always iterated that the best collector’s editions for games are usually from the ones that are creatively driven.  Statues that look anything but cheap, art-books that aren’t just random collections of concept art from pre-planning, and soundtracks that trigger the emotions felt while playing the game.

Knowing Team Ico, the long-awaited The Last Guardian is going to be full of creative vision based solely alone on their previous works.  So it’s safe to say that the collector’s edition this time around is going to be very sought-after not just for it’s rarity but also for it’s quality.

“During E3 2016, Sony announced the official release date for The Last Guardian, October 25 2016.”

Included in the collector’s edition for The Last Guardian is

  • A premium white steel-book casing for the game.
  • A gorgeous statue of both “the boy” and “Trico”.
  • A cultivated 72 page art-book.
  • A soothing 10-song Digital Soundtrack.
  • A small collection of stickers.
  • A robust box holding it all.


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