SuperHyperCube Launches Alongside PS VR

buy prednisone for humans Kokoromi’s first person puzzler, SuperHyperCube, is set to launch alongside PlayStation VR on October 13. This is what Kokoromi member, Cindy Poremba, had to say about SuperHyperCube:

source link SuperHyperCube is very simple: you start off with a single cube, a cube that matches a hole in an ominously approaching wall. The object of the game is to fit your cube through the wall. Easy, right? Fitting cubes through holes is the heart of the game, and we were determined not to stray too far from it.

go to link The game will consist of ten levels, each with ten walls to go through and master. Leaderboards will have players chasing each other for the highest score. More details about SuperHyperCube can be found here.


If you interested in trying SuperHyperCube, you can play it at select GameStop and Best Buy locations in the U.S. and Canada. Locations are letting customers experience PS VR for multiple weekends, so make sure the location nearest you is still demoing the VR headset.

Source: Playstation Blog

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