Star Wars Battlefront Bespin Impressions

If you’re a season pass owner like myself, you’re probably aware that the newest add-on for Star Wars Battlefront went live this past week. I’ve got to say, DICE has continually improved upon this game since its release in November. I’ve already put in close to 75 hours in Battlefront and I can already tell that the Bespin add-on is going to keep me coming back for quite some time.


If you’ve ever seen The Empire Strikes Back then you’ll be quite familiar with the new locations in this add-on. As the title of the DLC suggests, all of the maps take place in the Cloud City of Bespin. There are a lot of fun, expansive new maps that are each filled with Easter eggs to find. The best map in this add-on though has to be the carbonite freezing chamber. Not only can you have a shootout on the platform where Han was frozen, you can also traverse through the halls underneath where Darth Vader and Luke dueled. It’s a great map and is one of my new favorites in the entire game.

I also can’t forget to mention the new Fighter Squadron location. It wouldn’t really be a Bespin add-on without dogfighting in the clouds, now would it? The new map is beautiful and is one of the more breathtaking locations in the game purely from a visual standpoint. It’s also a whole lot of fun to use the new Cloud City Pod Cars when playing as the Rebels. I’m curious to see what the new Fighter Squadron maps will look like in the next add-on featuring the Death Star.


The suave Lando Calrissian and the bounty hunter Dengar are the two new hero characters in this add-on. They both have their own unique moves and mesh extremely well the previous hero characters that were already in the game.


Lando comes equipped with his trademark X8 Night Sniper He also has three abilities that are very trap focused. He can lay down an electric shock mine that will detonate and stun enemies who are near. Lando can also neutralize enemy weapons and turrets with an EMP blast. Lastly, he has a charge shot that is similar to that of Han and Leia. Overall, I like Lando because of how different he is. He’s not a heavy hitter like Vader or Luke, but he can definitely annoy other players with his trap-based abilities. It feels good to run into an area full of enemies and set off your EMP to render their guns useless for a few moments.

Dengar is probably the hardest character to use in Battlefront right now. He’s incredibly fast and all of his abilities and weapons focus on this speed. He has two variations of a dash move, one that allows him to sprint in close and bash the opponent and another which involves him laying down mines as he quickly runs by enemies. His heavy blaster fires incredibly fast and can be boosted to fire even faster with his third ability. While he’s been difficult for me to use so far, I can definitely see Dengar being one of the more powerful characters in the game once you learn all of his ins and outs.


The two new weapons of note are the EE-4 blaster rifle and the X8 Night Sniper. Each of these weapons are unlocked through Jabba contracts. While the Jabba contracts system isn’t new, I still think it’s the best thing DICE has added since the game’s release. It’s added an element that was much needed to the game and forces you to play outside of you comfort zone so that you can earn new weapons and star cards.

The EE-4 is essentially an upgraded version of the EE-3, as the increase by one number might indicate. It fires in bursts similar to the EE-3 but it isn’t as accurate. If you try shooting at long range, you’ll find that your shots tend to stray from what you’re aiming at. It is much better at medium and close range compared to the EE-3 and you can kill enemies very quickly if you pull off a headshot. I really like the EE-4 and it has become my default gun for the moment.

The X8 Night Sniper, I’m not as fond of. The main function that makes the X8 unique is that when zooming, you can see in infrared vision. While this does help you identify enemy players from further away, I also think it hinders your ability to aim. I have a hard time hitting enemies when I am zooming with the X8. I guess a weapon that allows you to identify enemies easier would have to have some sort of drawback.

In addition to these two new weapons, a handful of new star cards have been added. My favorite is the shock grenade, which momentarily stuns enemies and allows you to take them out before they ever knew what happened. Having been stunned with the shock grenade by other players, I know just how frustrating it is. This makes me feel even more satisfied when I successfully use this grenade on opposing players.


Sabotage is the newest game mode in this add-on and I think it’s now one of my favorites in the game. It feels like a variation of Conquest with one team defending and the other team attacking. What I like most about it is that if you’re the attacking team, your goal is to place a charge on a generator to blow it up. Once the charge is set though, it takes a minute or two before it detonates. This then makes the attacking team become the defending team. It keeps you on your toes and makes the match feel fresh since you’re always switching roles.

So far, I’ve greatly enjoyed my time with the Bespin add-on. Fun new maps, great new weapons and some unique hero characters make this my favorite of the two add-ons that have been released so far. If you want to wait and buy the DLC separately, it will be out for everyone on July 5. Taking a trip to the city in the clouds has been a blast, and if you’re a season pass owner, you’ll find that this is a deal that isn’t getting worse all the time.

Logan Moore
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