Shawn Layden’s Heartfelt Words For The Victims of The Orlando Shooting.

Tragedies happen everyday, and sometimes they can blind us from doing the important things in our life that give us purpose.

This week out of an act of hate; 49 people died in Orlando with many more injured.

It’s horrifying to hear descriptions about these aggressions, and when the Electronic Entertainment Expo is right around the corner.  It’s without a doubt that it won’t go ignored.

Kinda Funny Shawn Layden
“(From Left) Tim Gettys, Colin Moriarty, and Greg Miller of Kinda Funny watching in silence as Shawn shares his heartbreaking words.”

Shawn Layden took to the stage to a live orchestra after showing the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive, God of War.  He started out, shouting out the talented composer that had just scored the spectacular trailer.  With teary eyes, he looks out into the crowd and states, “Before we go any further though, I think it’s important that we take a moment to address the–the heartbreaking tragedy of Orlando this past weekend.  A perfect event ruined like that, carried out by a madman.  Really underscores our need for greater love, tolerance, and respect of people of all kinds.”

At this point, Shawn is blinking back tears and continues, “On behalf of the Playstation community our thoughts arewith the victims and the families who are affected by the events in Orlando.  We stand full-square with them.  And we hope that his week of gaming celebration, through the diversity of our gaming community–we can find some strength, comfort, and some solace.  The Playstation Community stands with our families and friends of the LGBT community, and that they’re all in our hearts tonight.”


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