PlayStation Insider E3 2016 Predictions

Another year, another E3! This year seems to be the year that Sony will unleash a plethora of good things for PlayStation fans. There have been a ton of rumors surrounding what Sony will be releasing this year, and we can’t help but wonder which rumors will end up being true. Below are our predictions for E3 2016, which we will be attending and covering!

  • A new Crash Bandicoot game. There have been too many leaked rumors for this not to be true. If it is true, it will be the first Crash Bandicoot platformer released since 2008 when “Mind Over Mutant” was released on PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii.
  • A new SKU for the PS4. Rumors have been running rampant that an upgraded version of the PS4 is in the works and slated for a release later this year. The new model will include a larger hard drive and a newer CPU and GPU.
  • A new Sony Bend game. What have they been working on all these years? The last game they released was “Uncharted: Fight for Fortune”, and that was released almost 4 years ago. Maybe a new Syphon Filter game?
  • The Last of Us 2 announcement. Sony saw huge success with The Last of Us and the remaster for PS4, so why not announce the 2nd installment.
  • PS4 price drop. If Sony announces the PS4.5 or PS4K, they will likely announce a price drop for the current PS4, I would guess $299.99.
  • PS4 Slim Model. This almost seems like a no-brainer since Sony has released slim versions of all previous PlayStation consoles, so why not the PS4.
  • A new Hideo Kojima title, exclusive to the PS4. Sony and Kojima formed a partnership and new studio late last year. Since then, nothing major has been announced on what Kojima and Sony are working on…Until now.
  • A new God of War title. Santa Monica Studio has done an amazing job with the series and its almost unlikely that they wouldn’t announced a new game in the series. The real question is, will Kratos be the main character of this new title?
  • Knack 2 announcement. Although Knack wasn’t a huge success, it was definitely a fun game and an interesting IP for Sony to release. I believe they have learned from the previous Knack and are working on a strong sequel.
  • A PS3 and PS Vita price drop. If Sony announces a price drop for the PS4 due to the announcement of the PS4K, there is no doubt in my mind that a price drop for the PS3 and Vita will come soon.
  • A new From Software title announcement. Hopefully we get Bloodborne 2, but I will be equally impressed if we get an HD remaster of Demon Souls for PS4.
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