Overwatch Competitive Play Coming To Consoles Soon

Competitive Play mode will be introduced to Overwatch soon on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, Blizzard announced. Already available on PC, Competitive Play will give experienced players an arena to truly substantiate their skills. As such, the new mode will be locked until players hit level 25.

Once players hit level 25 and feel ready to compete in competitive matches, every player is required to complete ten placement matches. These placement matches will determine your skill rating, ranging from 1 to 100. Skill ratings will increase or decrease depending on the performance of not only yourself, but your teammates as well.

Competitive Play will consist of four seasons with each season lasting two and a half months. During the season, players will fight to rank up and receive rewards until the season ends. Once it ends and the two-week off-season is over, new placement matches will begin the process over again.

More new features and rewards will be available once the competitive mode hits consoles. Check out all the details at Blizzard’s website here.

Source: Blizzard via Playstation Lifestyle

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