MA Ford Dealer Caught Using Firewatch Artwork

A Quincy, MA Ford dealership used Campo Santo’s Firewatch artwork without permission for a new promotion campaign.

Panic Inc., the co-producer for the game, took to Twitter to post the ad involving the “stolen” artwork using the hashtag “#ripoffexpress” and some frowning emojis. It should be noted that the artwork was only used by that Quincy location and not nationally.

Since it had surfaced on Twitter, IGN reached out to Ford for a statement. Their response :

Ford was not involved in creating the Quirk dealership advertising. Our dealers are independent businesses.”

I reached out to the dealership as well, seeing as I live only 30 minutes from there but they had no statement.
Campo Santo had no statement regarding the ad, however a couple members of the team took to twitter crack some jokes about the situation.

Firewatch is Campo Santo’s first game. With a team of only 10 members, Firewatch had released earlier this year and sold over 500,000 copies in its first month.

Ryan Joaquim
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