Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space Review (PS Vita)

I remember playing the Earth Defense Force for PS4 and loving it. So, I thought, “why not give the PS vita one a try?” I mean, who doesn’t like to kill giant alien creatures with over dramatic explosions and gore? To my pleasure I really wasn’t that disappointed with this game. Of course, comparing it to the PS4 graphics and the tiny screen, it annoyed me at first, but this game is about the actual gameplay (already considering the amazing amount of explosions and killing!) Keep in mind, for those who have a PS TV, that this game is playable on that system as well.

Similar to the EDF on PS4, this game has many missions with different classes of soldiers you can play. As you fight, enemies drop items. These items could be health, armor upgrades, or even weapon upgrades as well. One important thing to note is that when there’s a lot of destruction and/or enemies on the team, the system may lag or have bad FPS. I noticed both on my first generation PS Vita and PS TV, but nothing that distracted me too much from the actual game play.

As for the actual gameplay, you get plenty of hours for a $19.99 game. I think we’ve all had that moment in our gaming lives when we pay for a game only to be disappointed we completed the game faster than we anticipated, but this game doesn’t really have that feel to it. With each mission, you are typically introduced to a new enemy, level, etc. I personally just like to blow stuff up with rockets, but you have a good variety of different weapons to choose from.   There’s only three classes to choose from: Infantry, Pale Wing, Air Raider. Basically, Infantry is the general solder, Pale Wings can fly and have unique and different weapons, and Air Raiders have deplorable weapons.

Now, I didn’t have a chance to actually try out the multiplayer. On the PS4 I was able to either Shareplay or had people over to play with me on the co-op; with this game, I just wanted to relax and play by myself. I don’t doubt that the multiplayer is fun, because I really enjoyed it on the PS4, but my Vita games are mainly for single player games or when I simply don’t want to talk with people. That and the fact that I’m like the only one out of all my friends with a Vita. Still, if you are able to play multiplayer with this game, I can imagine you can get plenty of more gameplay than just simply playing the story line.


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