E3 2016: PSVR Thumper Hands-On Impressions

Thumper is one of those games that completely catches you by surprise. During the PlayStation Press Conference at E3 2016 I was able to demo a PlayStation VR title by the name of Thumper. Now, at first glance Thumper may seem like another rhythm and music game however once you sit down and play it, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. To me, Thumper is more of an experience than it is a game. Sure, on the outside it’s a game, but deep inside Thumper lies a VR experience that made me excited for VR and what possibilities can come from it.

Thumper controls incredibly easy while only utilizing the X button and D-pad. Your “Thumper” glides along a linear path that takes you through ups and downs and various left and right turns, sometimes very abrupt turns. The main objective in Thumper is to hit the notes as your Thumper passes over them. There are also times where you have to hold down the X button to execute the correct command in order to hit a tight corner for max points.

Visually the game is not groundbreaking, but that’s ok. Thumper’s experience comes from both the visuals and the soundtrack, well at least the music that I was able to preview. I couldn’t tell you exactly what music genre Thumper gets its inspiration from. However I will say that the sound is very loud and has a lot of hard hitting drums in an almost tribal way. To be honest, the music I listened to while experiencing Thumper induced a sense of paranoia. This may have been a combination of the VR headset, PlayStation Gold headset, and the soundtrack. Overall I am very intrigued by Thumper and I can’t wait to experience the full game, which will launch in October alongside the launch of PlayStation VR. Thumper is expected to release for under $20, according to the game’s creator.

Marc Villa
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