Alienation Getting New Features Very Soon

Housemarque announced a bevy of features are coming to their latest release Alienation on July 5. The highly requested local co-op mode is just one of many features coming to the top-down sci-fi shooter.

Local co-op will allow up to four players to team up and shoot aliens on the same screen. Players will have to fight for loot in what Housemarque community manager Tommaso De Benetti describes “classic friendship-breaking fashion”.

Leagues will also make it’s debut in the free update. Leagues will consist of five ranks and last one week. Playing in leagues will allow players to unlock new bullet colors to use. More details regarding the update can be found on Playstation Blog.

The season pass and Survivor’s Pack will also be available on the Playstation Store on July 5.  The season pass will cost $9.99 (only four more dollars than the Survivor’s Pack) and will include the Survivor’s Pack, Conquerer’s Pack, Veteran Heroes Pack, original soundtrack and a dynamic theme. More details on Alienation’s upcoming content will be released soon.

Source: Playstation Blog

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