Deadpool Preview (PS4)

What happens when you take the most badass character ever and make a video game for him?


For those of you who haven’t seen the movie Deadpool yet, and I’ll be shocked if you haven’t, there’s no need to worry. This game is in no way related to the movie whatsoever (in terms of story line.) Sure, you have Deadpool and X-Men in the game, but this game is pure shenanigans. I mean, you can watch Deapool take a crap on the toilet and have flying cows in the game. Still, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get this game; a random, chaotic game might just be what you need for your collection.

What makes this game so fun is that it’s pure nonsense. Honestly, it’s so insane and sporadic that you can’t help but enjoy the game. You start off in Deadpool’s apartment and you bake pancakes, play air guitar, and even take a nap…. And you get a trophy doing all of this…

Still, you can at least appreciate that there is an actual storyline to this game. What is this EPIC storyline? It’s simple, Deadpool wants his own video game. What kind of video game? A video game with a bouncy house, crazy weapons, and constant humor. You can’t help but laugh when you play this game. On top of all this humor, you can actually learn a lot about the characters in the Marvel Universe. With different scenes, you can have the option to learn more about certain characters and see cool little videos.

It’s a little sad that Ryan Reynolds isn’t the voice actor for the Deapool in this game, but the voice actor’s voice kind of grows on you after a while. On top of this, you get a decent amount of hours for gameplay; not as much as I would have liked for a game that currently costs $40, but I was still satisfied with the overall game.

It’s a hilarious game that you can enjoy (especially if you have friends with you while you play it) but I can’t see myself coming back to play this game very often. There are trophies and upgrades you can strive for which can make the gameplay much more enjoyable, but I could see myself MAYBE playing this one more time by myself (with friends is a different story). I mean, since this game is all about having a good time and goofing around, it would only make sense that you do that with your friends.

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