Wondershot Review (PS4)

Wondershot, presented by Leikir Studio, is a cutesy top down shooter with some tricks up its sleeve. Wondershot introduces it’s interesting “One Shot” concept, unique control scheme (R1 to hold aim and strafe for example,) and it’s four special weapons (The Bow and Arrow, Hammer, Boomerang, and Slingshot,) in its tutorial as soon as you start-up the game. Don’t let its sugary design fool you, for at first you may think the game was designed for a younger audience. The game’s addicting challenges and competitive local multiplayer will prove that even though your little cousin might want to give it a try, doesn’t mean it won’t get real when you go head to head with someone who understands the mechanics of the game. In a peculiar way, Wondershot’s biggest strength is also its strongest weakness, its multiplayer.

Unfortunately, Wondershot does not contain online multiplayer and I believe this may be its biggest flaw since it shines in local multiplayer. Playing with four players proves to provide the perfect sense of competition, with several options and settings to tweak to your pleasure, several power-ups to pick up, and enjoyable accolades for specific actions and kills performed in the game. Outwitting others was definitely a challenge due to the “One Shot” ideology and the unique weapon each player chose. Using my trusty slingshot to maneuver a bouncing portal shot into my enemy was definitely something that could only be done in Wondershot. One of my favorite surprises was watching the killcam and noticing the option to “Applause” while viewing the final scenes of the round. For some reason, all my friends and I enjoyed this little option more than we should, claiming it was something we did not know we wanted in a game till we had it. Though all these features are superb in the core game, it feels like there should’ve been online multiplayer due to how in-depth it was, even containing a leveling system that unlocks new challenges and more maps to battle on. Luckily those home alone will not feel cheated with the other modes offered in Wondershot.

Jumping into Wondershot alone allows you to participate in the single player modes; challenges and Endless. Challenges consists of just that, numerous challenges separated by specific types (Time Attacks, Brawls, and Survivals,) each testing your skills with the mechanics of the game combined with the unequaled weapons. For example: One challenge with the Bow and Arrow had me stuck in one position while I had to precisely shoot oncoming enemies with correct timing, one off-timed shot and I lose my arrow. As the trials go on, some get progressively harder, while others becoming more entertaining in terms of applying the several game altercations like the Slo-Mo pick up or the Super Speed pick up. The challenges also incorporate bonus objectives like completing it with perfect accuracy or finishing faster than the Developer times. Leaderboard times can also be viewed for all challenges completed. Endless mode feels like a breeze once you gotten the basic concepts of the game down and find your preferred weapon. Killing consecutively without a miss will grant you the power ups that may create a feeling of ease when obtained. That feeling of ease will definitely blow over once the enemy attack patterns and defenses start to become more intricate and fortified, requiring more attention to your own moves and shots. Completing enough waves grants access to the next arena to survive on.

As a whole, Wondershot is an excellent game that provides enough content and challenge for those interested enough to come back to. All it takes is fancying one of colorful characters, finding your perfect weapon, and taking aim. Aside from its repetitive soundtrack and lack of online multiplayer, Leikir Studio has produced the pleasurable “couch competition” game that they wished to recapture the memories of. If plans of a sequel are in the works, I can already see where improvements can be made like the addition of customizable options for characters, more weapons, more powerups, the inclusion of online multiplayer, and a maybe even a story to better understand the lore behind the four fighters.


Marcos Huacon
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