No Man’s Sky Is Coming To PS4 On June 21st – You Should Be Excited.

buy generic neurontin The heavily anticipated game No Man’s Sky, which was first was shown off at VGA 2014, is coming to Playstation 4 on June 21st.

See you later Space Cowboy....
See you later Space Cowboy….

buy accutane online europe The promise of No Man’s Sky, is that it will be seemingly endless.  A Star-Wars Minecraft, a sandbox of universal proportion, the magnum opus of vision in independent games.\/\/\/led-modern-look\/  

A few new details have been announced as well.  Including a really snazzy Limited Edition, which you can order here, for only twenty more dollars than the original.  It includes some digital goodies, an art-book, a comic book, and a delectable steel-book case.  The pure value in this collectors edition looks to be enormous.  And with the very clean look, they’re assuming to make quite a collection of masterful art.

“some digital goodies, an art-book, a comic book, and a delectable steel-book case”

If you still have set aside expectations for No Man’s Sky, and doubt how truly detailed and open it truly is, here’s a selection from Sean Murray that changed my mind.


“but the moment we saw people start claiming discoveries, shouting and laughing at each other’s screens, we knew the hard work was paying off, and could collapse contentedly in the corner. They got to see new features like how to survive on hazardous planets and how to learn alien languages, and for the first time we showed off some alien races you will be able to communicate with.”


How about it?  Are you going to pick up No Man’s Sky day-one?  Or will you wait it out for a few weeks to see if it’s the game for you?


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