Doom’s Optional Box-art Is Deliciously Hellish

The latest incarnation of the premiere crunchy demon splattering space marine simulator is looking to be buy prednisone for humans great  frenetic Violence.  


However, Bethesda sure dropped the ball when regarding box-art for the upcoming buy neurontin online overnight swimming game.  Swimming game, as in swimming in crunchy hell-gore.

Doom box-art
“Warhammer? Halo? Doom?”


I mean sure, it’s got everything a publisher wants right? A gun, a war hero, a male character profiled.  It plays into the masculine power-fantasy that it tries to represent, with little-to-no gore actually depicted on the cover as to not scare Timmy’s mother away from the absolute carnage that besets her when she puts in this Science game.  Science as in anatomy, and anatomy as in taking off limbs They hired me to be a creative writer, give me some credit……


However, the great folks at Bethesda, actually listened to us.  Allowing us to vote on the Optional box-art for the latest Doom game.

Option A is metal as f***

Option A Doom
The caricature on the right, is actually not apart of the box-art, but a disembodied skull that is summoned when you reverse the box-art.


Now you may be saying, “Wow Daniel, that’s a lot better than the original art-work.”

Haha, I’m flattered that you spoke to me by name.  But no, there is something much grander.  Something that represents the first-person shooter as a whole, something that makes my masculinity glands twitch at the sight of.

Ladies and gentleman I present

Actually, wait.

You need to set music to this, as you’re analyzing it.

Are you ready?


Option B in all of it’s bloody greatness

Option B Doom
It’s what’s on the inside that counts.


You can order your delicious rhythm game here.  Rhythm as in the rhythm of that Revenants heart you just decimated.

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