The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode I – In Too Deep Review (PS4)

I am an avid fan of the work that Telltale does when it comes to their stories. It is not very often that a story sucks you in and even makes you feel, yet Telltale has managed to do so quite a few times. In fact, as bad as it is to admit, my first introduction to The Walking Dead was not the comics or even the T.V. show; it was Telltale’s first season of The Walking Dead. Fast forward a couple years, I am caught up on the comics and the show, played the first and second seasons and now get to play a mini-series that focuses on my second favorite character in the series, Michonne.

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During issues 126 and 139 of The Walking Dead, Michonne was absent from the group, having gone off on her own at the end of the war with the Saviors. After she returned in issue 139, nothing was ever said of what occurred during her absence. Until now.

Episode I, sub-titled In Too Deep, opens up with some really heavy scenes, culminating in our very first major choice and it is one hell of a choice at that. With such an intense opening, it really sets the bar high for the rest of the episode which, I am sad to say, did not meet said bar. Do not misunderstand; it is an amazing episode. However, emotions never really run that high again until near the very end of the episode.

The presentation for the game is as amazing as always with rich detail and beautiful character models. Michonne looks almost exactly like her comic book counterpart, which is good, considering they are one and the same. The game does have some of the same issues I have seen in other Telltale titles with the occasional frame rate drop and some minor clipping.

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The gameplay is very close to what we have come to expect from Telltale’s rendition of The Walking Dead, though it has been further refined. We are not in control of a history teacher (Lee) or some young kid (Clem) this time around. We are in control of a real warrior this time, someone who knows how to handle the dead and the game makes it a point to reinforce that with some really intense action scenes.

Overall, it is a pretty solid first episode, though it is a little on the short side. My initial run was completed in about 90 minutes and left me wanting more. The wait begins again…


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