The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC Review (PS Vita)

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC was a game that was a long time coming. Despite being released back in 2006, the game has taken English translators years to complete. The timing for this release, though, could not have been better. At a time where JRPG’s are reinventing themselves, Trails in the Sky SC show why the genre was so great.

The start of Trails in the Sky SC takes place the day after the end of Trails in the Sky FC. Estelle (who is the series protagonist) wakes up too find that her adopted brother, Joseph, is missing. This leads to a series of interesting twists & turns and she tries to find her adoptive brother.

The best part of Trails in the Sky  SC too many fans of the previous series, is the games immense dialogue. This game is HEAVY on the dialogue. It’s one of the reasons why we have just received this release rather than back in 2006 – when it first hit shelves in Japan. You do have some choice-dialogue you are able to do and it adds to the human element of the game, but the choices you’re presented are oriented towards the characters personality very well. Despite this, though, I found that there was some translation typos, which bugged OCD me, but overall, the game was terrifically done.

The story itself, like its predecessor, is fantastically well done. The benefit of SC is that if you haven’t touched FC or remember much of the story, you get a nice little synopsis of what’s going on. For those familiar with the game, you’ll find that jumping back in is easy as cake and the experience seems improved than what it once was before.

The gameplay, like the first, is still a turn based tactical battle system which moves on square grids. Each character has their own crafts, and all characters benefit from the use of Arts – which are obtained through the customization of the Orbment System. The only real complaint to this battle system is that grinding on trash mobs – whether for items or experience – seem longer than need be due to the way the game battle system is setup. Despite this, the game does an excellent job of pacing out quests you take from the Bracer Guild and general mob encounters that grinding, for me at least, didn’t feel necessary.

The low-res graphics of the first game makes an appearance again in SC, though a little sharper than before. It’s a style that has fortunately aged well and is not as bad looking for a PSP game being played on the Vita. There is nothing more endearing than playing through a fantasy world with a deep, rich story and vibrant world, and The Legend of Heroes fills a void for me in which the Final Fantasy series has always done.


Ian Vidal
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