The Best Deals On Fightsticks Compatible With Street Fighter V

Fight-sticks aren’t necessary for fighting games.  But for some players, the authenticity and quality of fight-sticks make them essential for them.  Up until now, with the recent upcoming release of Street Fighter V, companies like Mad Catz and Hori are making PS4 arcade-sticks that were once believed to be the only way to use a fight-stick on the current generation of consoles.  Fightsticks that cost anywhere from $150 to a whopping $230.  However, this morning the Street Fighter V twitter account confirmed that any PS3 controller would be compatible with the game.  Opening up many more possibilities and price options for players looking to wield new weapons for the upcoming fighting game.  Here we’ve showcased 5 different fightsticks each increasing in tier, giving you plenty of options for your budget and preference.

Clicking any of the images will instantly take you to the Amazon page for each item as well.

1. $39.99 The Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4 “Size matters.” 

An Officially Licensed Fight-stick, natively compatible with PS4 and PS3, a great entry fight-stick for beginner players that’s currently a great deal for 40 dollars.  It’ll be the least hassle-free option, but it’s mini in every definition.  If you’re on the fence of getting a fight-stick, buy this to finalize your decision before jumping into these more expensive controllers.

2. $74.99 The QANBA N1 BLACK PS3 /PC Arcade Joystick “It’s what’s on the outside that counts”


The QANBA N1 is probably the best value of the bunch.  Immensely compatible with mods, it’s a great starter stick for those who are looking to upgrade their controllers over time.

3. 149.99 The Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai for Playstation 3/4 “Built to Last”

The Hori Kai is going to be your best friend when you’re playing a fighting game.  With high-quality buttons, sticks and native PS4 support (even featuring a touchpad that’ll be useful during Street Fighter V’s training mode), it’s my personal favorite out of the bunch.

4. 199.99 Qanba Q4 Q4RAF Ice Red PS3 & Xbox 360 & PC Joystick “Red goes great with anything”

An absolute beauty that excels in both compatibility and mod capabilities, this is going to be your greatest investment into a fight-stick if you’re about to become serious.  And while it doesn’t have native PS4 support, it most definitely will be compatible with games such as Street Fighter V.

5. 79.99- 229.99 Mad Catz Madness “It’s as if a million wallets were screaming, and were then suddenly silenced”

Absolutely unnecessary, but you can’t deny the quality and build that Mad Catz offers.  You’re paying more for the brand than anything else however.  I’ve ordered one just because of the art, as I can justify paying $230 dollars for a fight-stick that includes the bonus of officially licensed art. Mad Catz fight-sticks exclusively come with stock Sanwa buttons.  Sanwa buttons are considered by some, essential for a fight-stick. However, you could easily mod any fight-stick with the following kit.


Those are the different tiers of fight-sticks we’ve organized for you, all of which are compatible with Street Fighter V after installing the day-one-patch.  If you still haven’t ordered your copy, you can order it here on Amazon which will give you an instant 20% off discount for any pre-order.  Making it only 79.99 for that awesome statue of Ryu.

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