Dying Light Enhanced Edition – The Following Review (PS4)

Beep, beep [expletive deleted].

Dying Light, Techland’s open-world zombie survival game, was one of my favorite games of 2015. Seriously, it was a friggin’ blast to play, especially with friends. With the release of, not only the enhanced edition, but a new expansive piece of DLC entitled The Following, it is time to pick up the machete again and go zombie killing.

The Enhanced Edition of Dying Light comes packed with a ton of visual, audio and gameplay updates that make playing the game much smoother than before. Even with just its core game, Dying Light is amazing and innovative and just so much fun to play. Aside from the updates, the Enhanced Edition provides players with all the previously released DLC such as Be The Zombie, The Bozak Horde, along with a host of weapons to craft and extra costumes as well. The Enhanced edition also introduces the Legend skill tree, allowing players to further boost their stats.

The Following allows players to import their version of main character Kyle Crane from the original game and plunge him straight into the DLC’s story. Now, you can do this from the beginning but it is recommended that you at least have your Survivor ranking up to twelve before diving in. A recommendation that I wholeheartedly agree with. I went in at Survivor Rank 7 and the game made it painfully clear I was ill-equipped for its shenanigans.

The story for The Following introduces a brand new area outside of Harran, said to be inhabited by people who are immune to the infection that is the basis for the main game. With Antizin supplies running low, Crane heads to the area to try to see what the deal is and if it is something that can help the people of Harran. It is a very simple concept for the story line and while it is not entirely unique, the way it is presented and how it ties into the overall gameplay is.

Story aside, The Following introduces a couple of fun new gameplay concepts, on top of the original formula. The first, and probably the worst (best) thing to happen to the game, is the addition of drivable buggies. Not long after jumping into the DLC, players are able to “acquire” their own set of wheels which can be upgraded and customized. It is a fantastic and almost necessary part of getting around the new environment. And it doesn’t suck.

Seriously, I hate driving in most games. Quite often, driving systems in games like Dying Light or any non-racing game, typically suffer from terrible controls. It is not the case with The Following and it is a boat load of fun. Players are able to drive around, smash through zombies, virals and even escape pursuit from volatiles if going for a nighttime drive. I did spend more time than I would care to admit just plowing through zombies for the hell of it and I regret nothing.

However, as fun as the addition of vehicles is, it does have some flaws of its own. Fuel is something that has to be scavenged from abandoned cars and gas stations and is sometimes more scarce than ammo for guns. And is not the only thing that players have to worry about. As the vehicle wears out, it needs to be repaired using parts also scavenged from abandoned vehicles. However, much like the fuel shortage, these screws also seem to be in short supply. There is good and bad with this, since it forces players to be careful with their vehicle and discourages doing donuts in the fields while running over zombies at the same time. Again, no regrets.

In addition to the vehicles, players get introduced to the fun that is Volatile Hives. For those who may not remember, volatiles are extremely powerful, extremely dangerous creatures that are vulnerable to UV lights. All over the countryside, hives of these creatures have risen up and someone needs to destroy them. It is not an easy task and is certainly not recommended for solo players. Players can try to take the hives out during the day, which sounds like a good idea but it is not. Volatiles are active at night, during the day, not so much. These means the more ideal time to try to destroy the hive is at night where the volatiles are outside. It is still pretty intense and dangerous, regardless of what time of day.

For a fairly cheap price, The Following provides more than enough zombie slaying action and fun and if you are a fan of the game, it is definitely worth purchasing. It has some great features and some frustrating moments but it is a great piece of content. If you have the base copy of the game, the DLC is $19.99, so grab a PSN card and get on it. If you have the Season Pass, the DLC comes free. And if you do not even own the game, get the full version of the game, including The Following and all other DLC for $59.99.


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