Rainbow Six: Siege Review (PS4)

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: PS4 (Reviewed), Xbox One, PC
Release Date: December 1, 2015
MSRP: $59.99

The newest entry in the Rainbow Six franchise is Rainbow Six: Siege and it is phenomenal and arguably, it is the best shooter I have played in a very long time. First, if you are not a fan of online shooters, do not buy this game. Rainbow Six: Siege was designed for multiplayer and that is where the bulk of the gameplay is, since it is lacking a true single-player campaign.

Above statements aside, Siege does have some single player elements. There are a series of 11 missions, titled Situations, that are single player and serve as training missions. They teach the core of the gameplay mechanics, show off some of the operators and their strengths. Difficulty stacks and the higher the difficulty, the bigger the reward for surviving and accomplishing the mission.

The other single player mode, which can also be played cooperatively, is Terrorist Hunt. The goal of the mode is fairly simple; stay alive. Players are pitted against waves of enemies who are trying to take them out as well as accomplish their objective, either by taking it from players or defending it from them. It is insanely difficult, especially for solo players but very satisfying if you can beat it.

Where Siege shines is its competitive multiplayer and it is here that it made its mark as the best shooting game. Matches are broken into 5v5 objective based battles. Players are given one life, health does not regenerate and the rounds are each on a timer. With such requirements, the typical hunt em down and light em up style of gameplay DOES NOT WORK! Seriously, if you run and gun, you will be shot. A lot.

These objective based modes force you to be smart and to work together and it can be fantastic. The objectives range from finding and defusing a bomb to protecting a hostage from enemies. If you are on offense, eliminate the enemy team or secure the objective. Defense, eliminate the enemy team or wait them out.

The first part of each round has attacking players sending out drones to try to locate objectives and enemy operatives where as the defenders spend their time fortifying their defenses in preparation the coming battle. Once the bell sounds, the attacking team needs to go and do their thing and there are many ways to accomplish the mission. Set breaching charges on walls, rappel buildings and bust through windows. There are so many possibilities and that is what makes each game so memorable. You’re forced to come up with a strategy and sometimes to adapt to unexpected developments.

Each player chooses an operator, each with their own unique loadouts, which are customizable to a point, and each with a special ability like dropping armor packs or being able to create bulletproof barricades. These operators are unlocked via reputation, the Siege’s in-game currency, and can be customized. Bear in mind that each operator is unique and only one player at a time can use one, so no duplicates. Unless you’re playing as Recruit, which has no specialty and very limited loadout choices.

Seriously though, this game is amazing. It is a fantastic spin on current shooters, moving away from the pure team deathmatch style of shooters which have grown stale in the recent years. I wrestled with my rating on this game for a bit and despite how much I LOVE this game, I can’t give it a perfect 10. The reason for this is that, since the bulk of the gameplay is online only, it does not leave much for those who prefer solo gaming and campaigns in shooters (we are out there). Had there been a real single player campaign, this would be the perfect shooter. It is still a damn good one though and if you like shooters, give this one a try.


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  • Marc Villa

    This game is awesome. I didn’t think I’d have as much fun as I’m having with it. Great job Ubisoft