PlayStation VR: Where THE Story Becomes YOUR Story

When we begin our games we sit back and watch as the window to the game world opens up in front of us. We settle into the perspective we are allowed to view the story from. From behind the protagonist we get to watch the world unfold around them. From the first person view we get to experience the protagonists’ story from their own eyes, hear their heart beat and watch them shape the world. Inching ever closer from being an observer to being the protagonist, that is what the PlayStation Experience really is, becoming something great.

The PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality) gear is set to launch in the first half of 2016. Using the 3D motion tracking capabilities of the PS4 Camera and an immersive headset you will see the world with your own eyes.

The Technology:

The PlayStation VR uses 5.7 inch LCD screens creating a 100° visual field. The screens run on 120 Hz refresh allowing games to stream to the headset up to 60fps. This gives the User a full field of vision and creates a more natural sense of motion for the eyes. As an added advantage the design of the VR headset is styled to fit those do and don’t wear glasses comfortably.

Extremely low latency time of less than 18ms means that you will never miss a detail or an action. As an example, the latency between the console and most HDMI LCD TVs range around 30ms. This will allow games like R.I.G.S, a key title for the PlayStation VR, to feel smooth and unhindered on multiple displays.

The Games:

With PlayStation VR just around the corner you’ll need to think about what you want to play. Along with everyone else, I’m looking forward to No Man’s Sky releasing in June of 2016. The game will have a vast universe explore able, conquerable, and fully VR immersive. A true title to show the power and style that VR will bring to you is Golem. With the ability to control golems you have to explore, survive and puzzle solve in this amazing interactive world. Currently Golem doesn’t have a release date. Virtual Reality is the next step in games, in interactive media, and in entertainment. It’s a way to experience new stories and new worlds in a way that hasn’t been fully explored yet. You will no longer be the force behind the hero, watching their story unfold. You will be the hero making your own story.

Forest Bosley
the authorForest Bosley
I'm 33 years old and have been in the retail side of the gaming industry for the last 3 years. Having grown up through the 80's and 90's I've watched the boom of some consoles and the death of others. I'm greatly excited the be in an age where gaming technology is leading the way in countless industries beyond entertainment.