Fat Princess Adventures Review (PS4)

http://flyingsquidstudios.com/page0/files/skeletor_111.html Fat Princess Adventures is a game where gorging on cake is encouraged, Vegan Pirates are not as nice as you’d think they’d be, and Barry White still “Can’t get enough of your love baby” (play the game and you’ll experience all of this – scout’s honor). This was on my list of most anticipated games of 2015 due to its colorful scenery and unique charm. FPA has a colorful art style, whimsical music that fits the theme of the game, and action galore. But did it meet my expectations or fall flat on its fat ass? It’s time to be brutally honest.

http://thebaglab.com/?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments Right off the bat I have to say that this game has a dark humor that can be quite entertaining. There is an announcer that gives play by play commentary who gives the impression that he is responsible for your success when he says things like “If you don’t get ganked you have me to be thanked.” Also the characters themselves exchange witty banter between them as you play. For example my character will say things such as “I don’t care for most things”, “I hate the simple folk”, and “When I am done spilling your blood I am going to take over the world”.

Fat Princess Adventures is a top down 4 player co op hack-and-slash action adventure game where you play as one of the royal guards sent on a quest by the King to protect princesses, country, and all that is sweet. The story is not complex in the slightest and for the most part is just silly and generic. This is not a big hang up; the game is called Fat Princess after all so it is not attempting to take itself seriously. Enter the Kingdom of Great Bitten which has fallen under the attack of the Bitter Queen who hates everything sweet and is determined to rid the world of delectable goodies such as cake, candy, and even the pleasantly plump princesses of the kingdom. Your job is to stop this bitterly villain from sucking all of the sweetness out of the world.

Where it may lack in story, FPA shines in gameplay that much is for sure. You can play with up to 3 friends online or couch co op – yes couch co op, we don’t hear that phrase too often. You have the option of choosing which class you want to be – a Warrior, Ranger, Worker, or Mage. My favorite was the arrow hurling Ranger as I was fond of distancing myself from enemies as much as possible to avoid being killed. And getting killed will happen a lot as FPA does offer a formidable challenge. There is also a plethora of weapon, armor, and character customization options which is quite impressive however the majority of them must be unlocked by use of in game currency. When it comes to your character they will be what you make of him/her. From the hair to the close worn, to the personality, you can even unlock an option to equip glowing eyes. Unlocks like these definitely give you a desire to keep grinding which slightly increases the replayability value.

The adventure with friends in Fat Princess was the best part. There is an emphasis on team work as you will need the assistance of your comrades as you traverse this sweet ridden world. You will traverse through forests that have you encountering giant spiders; beach side battles with pirates, and interesting boss battles that put an emphasis on strategy and teamwork. One such boss battle pits you against an Ogre that charges at you in an arena pit. In the center are plates of medal with electrical wires hooked up to it. You and your team mates must get the electricity flowing somehow in order to stop his rampage long enough for you to be able to deal damage to him. I say no more, you can figure it out when you play. But as you can see there is a puzzle element to the game as well which is most welcome. Fighting the various enemies stays fresh and holds your attention as the variety of enemy types you encounter will cause you and your friends to really work together to fight through every situation.

Each class type also comes in handy and the best gameplay is exhibited when all class types are used at the same time on the battlefield. Use of cake is not lost as it is dropped periodically when you kill enemies, but don’t worry about your figure because eating cake replenishes energy to your life bar. Eating too much cake will cause you to gain some “junk in the trunk” which is definitely a good thing, trust me you want more junk in the trunk. On a few missions the royal plumpness that is the Fat Princesses will accompany you and your squad, offering little to no help during battle so don’t count on them in the slightest. Playing with friends makes the game interesting however when you can’t find anyone to play with and are forced to play by yourself the game is noticeably much duller in my opinion. This is understandable since the game is co op based, however it would have been nice if they catered to the single player element a little more due to the fact that playing with a squad is not always an option. The adventure itself is as short as the pint sized characters you play with. It took me and my team about 5 to 6 hours to complete and we were taking our time. The game does have replayability by way of harder difficulties which help earn more in game currency which in turn helps to unlock additional goodies. There is also a mode called Grindhouse that you can play that allows you to replay missions with added challenges, but this did not hold my attention for long and quickly became boring as well.

In conclusion Fat Princess is a delightfully fun game that offers an extremely fun co op experience with moderate replayability. It does have its issues as stated, but for the price it is well worth the money as you will definitely have a great time. Provided you have some friends to play with.

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