Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow Of New Despair Review (PS4)

Typically when you play a game, you want it to be good, because if it’s a good game that means you’ll have a good experience. However, have you ever played a game that was so bad that it was so good? If not, then you definitely need to try this game out. EDF (Earth Defense Force) 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair is basically a remastered version of Earth Defense Force 2025. As you can guess, by the original title, the game takes place in 2025. For a long time, earth has been free from alien attacks and giant insects, but now the earth is in danger again and it’s up to the Earth Defense Force to save mankind.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, this game is so bad it’s good. Voice acting is terrible, graphics are not all that impressive, but for some reason it’s just super fun to play. The game has a progressive story line, but you have to complete missions in order to progress throughout the game. So, instead of just jumping in and always moving forward, you have the option to replay levels to get more weapons and upgrades as well as try different difficulties.

Jumping into the game, I can just simply describe it with one word. Cheesy.

This game does not have great voice acting, somewhat slightly cheesy graphics, and a somewhat stereotypical feel that you’re actually watching a Japanese Godzilla movie; people are screaming, monsters are everywhere, and you just get to blow up tons of stuff. Seriously, there’s a lot of explosions. You have the choice to pay attention to the story, which is somewhat interesting, but most of the times you can simply focus on just killing all the monsters and aliens. Each time you kill something, it typically drops different colored boxes (which are the size of your character); these boxes can upgrade your armor or get you better weapons to use. Since there are 4 different classes you can be, you can get multiple different weapons. Still, in order to get upgrades and weapons for that class you need to play them on the level.

With this game being so badly good, you can have a friend join you or simply play on line. Local co-op is an option for this game and in some cases you can simply share play with a friend if you want. The game is way more enjoyable with a friend, but you can easily manage to beat this game without one. Still, if you and your friend like this game so much to where you both need to have it, it will cost $49.99. For the amount of time you will spend on this game, I feel that you can definitely get your money’s worth.


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