Wasteland 2: Directors Cut Review (PS4)

Typically, games can have one word to describe them. Fun, exciting, boring, scary. Public opinion may vary, but there still can be a general consensus. If I had to choose one word to describe this game I would have no difficulty what-so-ever on deciding what that word would be.


That’s right, satisfaction. This game offers complete satisfaction. It’s not a perfect game, but I feel that it’s close enough.

Before I even get into the story line and setting of this game, I just have to take time and just brag about how you could customize this game to your liking. As you start a new game, you can customize your characters down to their personality. You could honestly have a giant Russian Christian man dressed in a tight leather outfit that specializes in animal whispering and lock picking named Vladimir teamed up with Atheist American woman named Emily who specializes in sniper rifles and simply just breaking sh*t open. No joke. You can either take the technical route of disarming alarms, cracking safes, or picking a lock or simply have brute force to bust a door down or break open a chest of items. With so many different choices to choose from, you can expect a couple of play through for this game just for a different experience.

The setting of this game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. A world filled with dangers and chaos. A world where you can’t satisfy everyone. Taking place in Arizona, you are a group of Rangers who try to keep some order in this chaotic world, going around to make choices that affect latter gameplay. For one of your first missions you have a choice. Either save the people providing food to everyone, or save those who are providing water. No matter what you do, you’ll save one while the other dies. It’s kind of a sad truth about life and gets repeated multiple times during the loading screen. You simply can’t please everyone, and there are a countless number of other examples in this game about decision making.

Considering this decision making combined a wide variety of customization, how could you not want this game? I’m talking about hours upon hours of gameplay, and the graphics and elements within the game just add so much more to the game. I never played Wasteland 2 on the PC, but I would have totally gotten it then if I just would have seen one of my friends playing it. The battle scenes are so strategic and, surprisingly, were very intense for me. Especially when one of your characters go rouge… There were so many times I wanted to kill that doctor I saved (or maybe she just wanted to die considering she would just run into the middle of the fight and get surrounded by the enemy).

Still, there are some things that can improve for this game. One thing to consider is that this game was originally for PC, using a mouse to select people and items to interact with. Switching that to just a controller makes things a little difficult. I found it frustrating when trying to grab an item right next to a person, since the item selected is what is in front of your character. Regardless how I changed the camera angle and moved around, it was hard to select the desired item I wanted right away. Then, there was the camera angle in certain parts of the game. Whenever there were higher parts of the map (like mountains, buildings, etc.) the camera would tend to randomly zoom way out. This would occur during battles and walking around, which would totally throw me off because then I had to avoid that certain camera angle until we got past that scene/area.


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Even though we may have problems, games can help us escape and relax. So, I'm just a guy who loves to play video games with friends a family. I have been writing reviews since September 2015.

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