Blood Bowl 2 Review (PS4)

Are you ready for some Blood Bowl (2)?!?!?!

*cue Epic football music*

For all you football and fantasy fans out there, this game should be on your to-play list. Orcs, humans, elves and more combined with the brutality of football. What more could you possibly ask for? The current game is $49.99, but if you are a PS Plus member and act fast, you can get it for $34.99 (30% off); this deal lasts until November 9th, 2015 on the PlayStation Store. This game has decent graphics and you can definitely get plenty of gameplay out of this one game, IF you like this game’s style of gameplay.

There are a couple of different ways you can go about playing this game. For one, there is an actual campaign mode that has a decent story line. It’s pretty straight forward, you’re a team that really sucks at Blood Bowl and then you start to win. What’s interesting about the campaign, and mainly this entire game, is that you can spend A LOT of time customizing your team. Literally down to each individual person, you can customize and plan your team out for each game. It can be a little confusing at first and almost overwhelming, especially if you’re like me and have never played the first Blood Bowl, but as you play the game more it makes more sense.

Then there’s the actual gameplay that you need to get used to. As you move your character around, you discover numbers being displayed in certain areas that represent the possibility of getting clobbered, tripping, and other “fun” stuff that makes the game a little more interesting. So, the ball gets kicked at the beginning, you (or the enemy team) picks it up and then tries to score a touchdown. Keep in mind that you can control each individual character and that this is a turned based game. So, after 16 turns overall, the player with the higher score wins.

So now that we’ve covered the basics of this game, let’s discuss if this game is for you. The major thing that bugged me throughout this game was the fact that it was a turn based football strategy game. I can play a variety of sports video games, but for some reason this type of gameplay did not entertain me as much as I thought it would. If anything, it made this game more annoying for me to the extent that I was almost bored.

Now, I’ve love strategy and even turn based games. I grew up playing Pokémon on my original Gameboy, I loved the Final Fantasy Games, and chess is one of my favorite board games. Still, this game didn’t do it for me. I know there’s a group of people out there that will defend this game and its replay value, and I can agree that this game CAN have great replay value. If you actually can enjoy a turn based football fantasy game where you can move your players around and strategize a win, then you could spend hours playing this game making the $49.99 (or even the $34.99) definitely worth it. If this idea even sounds slightly boring or uninteresting for you, then I’d advise that you avoid this game until it’s either a free PS Plus game or at a greater discount.

With the POSSIBILITY of having a fun time playing this game, you can get a great replay value with good graphics and entertainment of fantasy creatures playing a brutal game of Blood Bowl.

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