Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture Review (PS4)

OK… where to start? Normally I would have something to say right away about a game, but this game left me a little confused at the end. I want to like this game, but I just…. can’t…

Let’s first talk about the positive things in this game. First, there was the music. It was AMAZING; there were times that I got chills just listening to it. It was almost like watching a movie. Each scene had the perfect mood set by orchestral pieces that you could just fall asleep to. This combined with the story line created the perfect environment for the game. Mysterious lights, voices of the past, and not a sign of human life. For the first 30 minutes or so, I felt really positive about this game. However, as I played this game more I noticed some irritating things.

So now that we’ve talked about the positive things, let’s reflect on how this game could be a lot better. There are only two things you can do in this game: walk really slowly and interact with certain items (and it’s not really that interactive). There were times in the game where I just wanted to turn off my PS4 because it too forever just to get to certain places. For seeing creepy lights and hearing dead people talk, your characters seems pretty clam about it. So calm that it feels like it takes forever just to walk down the street. There honestly needs to be some sort of run or “walk faster” button you can press. Also, you can only answer phone calls, turn on radios, and open/close doors. I mean, I guess there are other games that have this “walk and interact” theme, but this game was just plain BORING.

I feel what made this game even worse was that there wasn’t a sense of adventure or caution. There seemed to be no way you could die in the game. Sure, we can take the game “Flower” into perspective and say that you can’t die in that, but at least that game had the sense of movement and action. This game could have been so much more! I liked the story and music, but I just hate what they did for the gameplay. Sure, keep it slow moving and only have an interaction button, but let’s make it a challenge or something! I feel that they could have easily made ways for you to die in this game or add extra challenging objectives, but unfortunately they made it seem too much like a movie. When I play a game, I want to feel involved. This game didn’t make me feel that way. If this game was free or maybe $7, then I wouldn’t be so harsh, but if you’re asking for $20 then the game actually needs to be worth $20.

the authorJordan
Even though we may have problems, games can help us escape and relax. So, I'm just a guy who loves to play video games with friends a family. I have been writing reviews since September 2015.

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