Madden 16 Review (PS4)

Where do I begin with Madden 16, maybe the exciting and yet heart wrenching suspense of playing draft champions or maybe the super customizable Ultimate Team. Let’s do both and everything else!!! For any existing Madden junkie this game is pretty awesome from being able to draft your own team of stars to the new catching/defensive mechanics. For any new players this is great place to start, the tutorials and explanations on the new future and previous features are easy to understand and will make you to a football expert.

For any fantasy football fanatics like myself will love this Draft Champions mode. You pick the player you want the most out of 3 choices. You can tailor your pick to the style of Madden you play. Also who doesn’t want to hear Adam Schefter rate our picks while you’re making them? This game mode also allows you to take the team you created and either challenge the CPU or take on other players that have gone through the same draft process. All in all this mode feeds the fantasy football expert in all of us, even if this is your first year playing Madden.

Madden 16 Draft Champions

This year in madden you are favored as a receiver or cornerback then ever before. Now you can choose how you want to catch the ball and how you want to play defense. Even Quarterbacks like Andy Dalton have new tricks up their sleeves. The game now allows you to choose how to throw the ball and I don’t mean just by lobbing or bullet pass. I mean you can actually intentionally throw the ball low at someone’s feet to get the first down. Also if you have a player like Calvin “Megatron” Johnson you as a quarterback can choose to throw the ball high up where only your player can make the catch. As Megatron you can choose to catch the ball conservatively or aggressively depending on what your goal is in that play. If it’s a deep pass in man coverage I would choose aggressively because let’s be serious it’s freaking Calvin Johnson and about 50% percent of the time when they catch the ball it becomes a highlight. As for Corners and Safeties, you can now play the ball and go for the pick or play the man and light up your offensive matchups. All these new features allow you to play to your preferred style of defense and offense, throughout your franchise and any other game modes.

At the end of the day Madden 16 has become a real life experience. It allows you to feel just like Aaron Rodgers does when he wants to throws to Jordy Nelson and also the other part of the coin is feeling like Brent Grimes or Patrick Peterson when playing defense. It’s a fun and addicting game for all!!!!

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